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Hello 2022

It’s been years since I last wrote anything here. There’s been a global pandemic raging for past two years and just a while ago Russia started a war with Ukraine. It is quite possible the start of world war 3 even though we are not quite there yet.

I moved from Los Angeles back to my home country Finland quite a few years ago which pretty much is why I stopped writing here and focused more on my finance blog. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world or so I thought. We live next to Russia and we are not a NATO member because of our neutrality.

So I find myself seriously prepping again. We’ve had pretty good setup already from the days in Los Angeles with also all the camping gear. Now I’m preparing for a more bleak situation if Putin decides to invade Finland. If that were to happen I would be most likely be called to serve my country as I like most of my fellow country men have served in military. So I need to make sure my wife and children have everything they need if I’m not here to take care of them.

I also live close to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, which would be very likely target of bombing. We live in a house so we don’t have a fallout shelter but there’s several close by including an apartment building I own one apartment. Those have all the equipment to keep you sheltered but doesn’t have any food or water.

So I still have several things to prepare even though we are much better prepared than most. I will update you with some of those things like when I put together our our go bag. Hope you follow along.

The next bubble is about to burst are you ready?

January was absolute madness in the stock market and February hasn’t started out so good either. People are starting to realize that the next bubble is ready to burst. The mainstream media usually disses people like Peter Schiff that has been warning about this for long time. Now even Donald Trump has said there is a bubble and it’s about to burst.

Surviving The Final Bubble

I’m sharing you this because it’s not yet too late to prepare but you need to hurry. Watch this presentation and you’ll know why you need to prepare.

Prepping with self-defence skills

I’ve practiced a lot of different martial arts including Judo, Karate, Wushu/Kung-fu and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) but the most effective one by far is Krav Maga. Krav Maga was initially developed as an unarmed combat system for the Israel Defence Forces. Krav Maga is very useful from the beginning and it doesn’t involve any unnecessary show off moves.

You’ll learn to defend yourself against real world attack scenarios such as: knife threats, firearm threats, strangling, multiple assailants, hits, kicks etc. You’ll learn how to avoid the situations and also how to get away from them.  I’m only at the first level and I’ve already learned more useful things than from any martial arts before. I also had to unlearn things I had learned in Karate so that my kicks and punches are really effective and fast.

Krav Maga is something you should learn no matter what your situation is. When I have kids I will put them in the youth group. This is a skill I think everyone should know to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Operation Chokepoint

I recently read about Operation Chokepoint from Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of money and it’s really disturbing. Basically the government has created a way to shutdown businesses they don’t like without any due process. I’m so glad I’m not living in the US anymore. I recommend everyone to read the blog post and watch these videos and share this with everyone you know.

Two year update

I started this blog two years ago but never actually wrote all that much. I’m trying to revive this and lot of things have happened since I first started the blog. First we moved to a more suburban location just outside Los Angeles County for a year and 8 months ago we we made the move back to our home country right next door to Russia which might not be that smart but we beat them before and I believe we can do it again if need be.

As we moved overseas I couldn’t take my guns with me so I had to sell all of them. Also the gun laws are quite a bit stricter here in Finland but I’ve gotten myself a hunting license and recently applied a permit to buy a shotgun and a rifle for hunting purposes. That is acceptable reason for owning those guns and since I have the hunting license I’m pretty sure my application will be  accepted.

I’ve also continued my financial preps and I no longer have any consumer debt, the only debt I have is mortgage on my apartment and mortgage on my investment properties. I’ve also bought quite a bit more silver now totalling 160 troy oz. In addition to silver I keep 5000 EUR as cash in case there is any financial instability and banks aren’t open.

Since it’s not expected that the average assailant here would have a gun I’ve also bought some knifes and I’ve started practicing Krav Maga. It’s really great for self-defence as we learn how to defend against knifes, kicks, punches and how to get free if someone is strangling you. I think this is the self-defence that everyone should learn it doesn’t matter if you are a prepper or not.

Prepping with Silver

silverSo far I’ve just grown my 401(k), stock portfolio and savings but in case  SHTF those might be worth nothing or they might not be accessible. I also keep some cash in my safe but paper money could become worthless. That’s why I’ve been wanting to buy precious metals for quite some time now but never had the time to really figure out what and where to buy.

There’s a lot of different choices you could invest in gold, platinum and rhodium in addition to silver but using them in a bartering situation might be quite inconvinient because of their value unless of course you are buying something a lot. Silver is more convinient for bartering. So as a test run I just bought myself a few 1 troy oz .999 fine silver bars and rounds from APMEX.

I chose those over coins because they have lower mark up and the numismic value of the coins might not be the same in an emergency situation. Also I’m not a collector so they don’t have any value to me other than what they are worth in their silver content.

Even if there’s not a total collapse of the financial system precious metals are a good investment against inflation and hard times. The value of precious metals always goes up when there’s bad financial times but when it’s good times the value usually goes down. Usually you’ll want to buy when it good times and the value is low. Currently it’s not at it’s all time high so it’s not the worst time to start but I do wish I had had started 5 – 10 years ago but little did I know then about investing.

Now that I’ve started this and it was pretty easy to buy from APMEX I’m going to every now and then when the silver price dips. I’m also now looking into getting some “Junk silver” in form of half dollar silver coins that are 90% pure silver. Will report on that later.

Introducing a Prepper’s Journal

doomsday_gas_mask_240x240Hey fellow doomsday prepper’s! My name is Mika and I am preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Not really, I’m just kidding. That’s what we joke about with my colleagues. I’m really just preparing for any event that could turn the little city of Los Angels, California into total chaos. It could be anything from an earthquake to tsunami to economic collapse to a terrorist attach. I don’t really go into extremes with my preps but I still want to be somewhat prepared to have an edge over those who are not prepared.

I like camping, hiking, shooting guns and of course prepping. I’ve only really started getting into the whole prepping mentality after I moved to USA from northern Europe. Especially living in the city of Los Angeles has made me much more aware that I need to prep for both my wife and me. I’m going to be posting reviews of gear I buy and also write about online resources I discover.

My wife doesn’t know that I prep but she’s totally on board with being prepered for an earthquake and she also likes camping and being more self sufficient. Well as much as you can be while living in the city in a small apartment.

I hope you find this blog useful.