Monthly Archives: February 2015

Operation Chokepoint

I recently read about Operation Chokepoint from Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of money¬†and it’s really disturbing. Basically the government has created a way to shutdown businesses they don’t like without any due process. I’m so glad I’m not living in the US anymore. I recommend everyone to read the blog post and watch these videos and share this with everyone you know.

Two year update

I started this blog two years ago but never actually wrote all that much. I’m trying to revive this and lot of things have happened since I first started the blog. First we moved to a more suburban location just outside Los Angeles County for a year and 8 months ago we we made the move back to our home country right next door to Russia which might not be that smart but we beat them before and I believe we can do it again if need be.

As we moved overseas I couldn’t take my guns with me so I had to sell all of them. Also the gun laws are quite a bit stricter here in Finland but I’ve gotten myself a hunting license and recently applied a permit to buy a shotgun and a rifle for hunting purposes. That is acceptable reason for owning those guns and since I have the hunting license I’m pretty sure my application will be ¬†accepted.

I’ve also continued my financial preps and I no longer have any consumer debt, the only debt I have is mortgage on my apartment and mortgage on my investment properties. I’ve also bought quite a bit more silver now totalling 160 troy oz. In addition to silver I keep 5000 EUR as cash in case there is any financial instability and banks aren’t open.

Since it’s not expected that the average assailant here would have a gun I’ve also bought some knifes and I’ve started practicing Krav Maga. It’s really great for self-defence as we learn how to defend against knifes, kicks, punches and how to get free if someone is strangling you. I think this is the self-defence that everyone should learn it doesn’t matter if you are a prepper or not.